At Pittsburgh Patio Company, we believe that our image is who we are. To that end, we strive for clean and efficient work sites, crisp looking vehicles, machinery and craftsmen and, of course, handsome projects. We understand that dealing with the trades can be a cumbersome, frustrating experience when the wrong contractor is chosen and thus we commit to starting and finishing on time, keeping open lines of communication and always acting with courtesy.


Clean. Efficient. Professional

Our installations include walkways, patios, driveways, walls, steps and stairs, thin or full veneer, fireplaces, BBQ’s and much more. Further, Pittsburgh Patio Company is the one-stop choice for your whole living area, including amenities such as speakers and audio, fireplaces and barbecues, accent lighting and design, landscape planting, water-features, pool-surrounds, spas, fencing, and any other necessary accessories. We approach each project holistically, keeping future additions in mind and adequately planning for your home’s growth.

Our structures are sound. All of our projects are addressed with the foundation in mind, first and foremost. We will analyze your soil type, existing grade, and other important factors on the property and address each trait as needed. The strength of frozen moisture can move mountains. We make sure it won’t move your new project.